Hair Transplant

A hair transplant, also referred to as hair restoration surgery, is an advanced and intricate medical
treatment used to deal with the chronic and sometimes emotionally unsettling problem of loss
and thinning of hair. This innovative procedure is used to restore the appearance as well as the
self-esteem and confidence of those struggling with alopecia, whether it is a form of male pattern
baldness, female pattern hair loss, or other conditions that cause hair loss.

A hair transplant is based on the transfer of an individual’s healthy hair follicles from a donor
region (usually the back or sides of the head) to a recipient area that has undergone hair loss.
Donor follicles are selected based on their genetic resistance against the hormones that
cause hair loss, in order to maintain their lifespan and constant development after transplantation.
The procedure is performed out in two stages, each requiring great accuracy and expertise: